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Anyone know where I can buy this 80Plus Gold PSU?


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I was searching the internet for a more effirnt power supply for my N40L. I read this has a Flex PSU and only found this 80Plus Gold PSU from Seasonic:




I couldn't find any others gold or higher.


It says it's for industrial use and can't find anyone selling one. not even ebay.


Has anyone else found a more effiecient PSU than stock? what do you use?


My wattage isn't terrible as I get about 34w idle and upper 40s under load. but I'd like better if possible.


I have an SSD, three 2TB drives and the stock 250GB. I have added the mod-bios which added 2-ish watts. I also have 8GB ECC RAM. I use WHS 2011.


Thanks for any help


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OK, I looked it up at Seasonic:




It is listed as a U1 power supply and not Flex. It is a little taller at 3.2 inches and my tape measure shows a max of 2.5" tall. The lenmgth is fine and width if fine. it's just a little too tall.


Looking at the rear of the PSU, the power connector and fan are right up next to each other. This one has a bit of a gap.


Can anyone confirm that this is a Flex psu? opr what exactly the PSU type is? Or maybe it's proprietary?




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