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WindowSMART 2012 Pre-Release Sale! (HSS announcement too)


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It is with great excitement that I can finally say that the beta for Home Server SMART 2012 and WindowSMART 2012 is down to what I expect will be the final month of beta. I’m hoping to be in Release Candidate stage by mid-May, and thus am on target for a late June gold release. There are a few unsupported SSDs that need to be addressed, and I’ve got a couple SSDs on order from Newegg so that I can hopefully, finally put that issue to bed.


Beta 6 of both HSS 2012 and WS 2012 are now posted. Beta 6 should be the last beta series—there’ll be a Beta 6a and probably 6b, after which hopefully we’ll have the Release Candidate.


Home Server SMART 2012: http://wiki.dojonort...rver_SMART_2012

WindowSMART 2012: http://wiki.dojonort...indowSMART_2012


Beta Expiration

All beta builds of Home Server SMART 2012 and WindowSMART 2012 prior to beta 6 will stop working at the end of April or May, depending on which beta version you have installed. Beta 6 and the Release Candidate will run through July 31. So please update to the latest version at your earliest convenience.


As promised, Home Server SMART is and always will be free. WindowSMART, on the other hand, will be Shareware. WindowSMART will run for 30 days as a full-featured trial, after which it will need to be registered (purchase a license) or it will stop working. During the beta, this trial timer will NOT be enforced. If you purchase a license for WindowSMART before the production release, you will still need to update to the production release. July 31 is a hard-coded end for the beta builds.


5 FREE Home Office Licenses to Home Server Show Users!

I am offering 5 FREE Home Office licenses (a $20 value) to the Home Server Show community for WindowSMART 2012. Please send me a PM with your first and last name, business name (if you have one) and email address. The first 5 users to PM me will receive their free license via email. I will email your license in under 24 hours. Once all 5 licenses are given away, I’ll post the winners.


Home Server Show Pre-Release License Sale!

I am offering a pre-release license sale – you can buy a WindowSMART license now, and it will be good for Beta 6, Release Candidate AND all production releases. Updates are free for life. If you would like to buy a license today, you can. Here are the licenses that are on sale:

  • Family/Home - $10 (regularly $15) – non-commercial home use; unlimited users at a single residential address
  • Home Office - $15 (regularly $20) – same as Family/Home except commercial use allowed
  • Small Business 1 - $40 (regularly $50) – up to 25 unique users at 1 location
  • Small Business 2 - $60 (regularly $75) – up to 100 unique users at 1 location
  • Medium Business 1 - $80 (regularly $100) – up to 100 unique users at 2 locations
  • Medium Business 2 - $150 (regularly $200) – up to 500 unique users at 20 locations

Please visit http://wiki.dojonort..._2012_Licensing for licensing details.


If you would like to purchase a license now, please send me a PM with the following details. Because this sale is being featured on my favorite sites only (MediaSmartServer.net, HomeServerShow.com and HomeServerLand.com), you must PM me on one of those three sites, which validates for me you are a member of one of them.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your business name (if you have one)
  • Your email address (if you have a PayPal account you MUST use your PayPal address)
  • Your city/state (city/country for non-US residents)
  • Which license(s) you would like to purchase – you can request multiple

I will then send you an invoice which is good for 2 weeks. Upon receipt of cleared payment (most payments clear instantly, but eCheck payments take several days), I will generate your license(s) and email them to you. I don’t have the ordering website up and running yet so I’m generating licenses manually, so it could take up to 24 hours to receive your license.


US Military Discount

If you are an active, reserve, honorably discharged or retired member of the United States military, you are eligible for a discount of $5 off the Home licenses and/or 20% off the Commercial licenses. Please include with your PM a digital copy (a picture taken with your phone will suffice) of your military ID, retirement paperwork and/or honorable discharge certificate. Be sure to blur/conceal personal information such as your social security number. I just need to see that the name matches that of the request.


Enlisted service members discharged dishonorably (DD) or for bad conduct (BCD), or officers dismissed as part of a sentence from a general court martial are not eligible for the discount.

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Wow. Awesome giveaway. I'm so tempted to tweet this out but kinda want the forum regulars to have first shot at it.

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All of the licenses are spoken for. I'm notifying the winners via email -- we'll actually have 6 winners since #5 and #6 came into my inbox at precisely the same moment. :)


Once I've got the licenses mailed out I'll post the winners! But please go ahead and tweet anyway Dave. It'll help drum up some business. :D

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Congratulations to our winners! As noted above, I had entries #5 and 6 come in simultaneously. So without further ado, here we are:


#1 - krom

#2 - yodafett

#3 - ITTOG (ImTheTypeOfGuy)

#4 - jmwills

#5 - bondisdead & tojoski


Thank you for the support! If you've tried WindowSMART 2012 already the license sale will continue at least for the next several weeks. If you're a member of the US military (active, reserve, retired, honorably discharged) you get to take an extra $5 off either Home license or 20% off the listed Commercial ones for an even bigger savings! :)

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