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What is the best way to Live Image Bootdrive WHS without HW RAID >?

Dutch Marc

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Hello everyone. I believe I hear John talking in the podcast about how he has his Boot Drive Live imaged via Acronis software.

Maybe some1 here or John, could give me some more info on this. What software product do you use for this exactly and how have you configured this. I have a HP 485 and 2 Frankenstein builds.

All input would be great & Thxs Muncho in advance !

Grtx Marc

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I use Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server v9.8206w.
I install that, then create a Acronis Secure Zone of 20 Gig that it takes from the D: partition. Then I set a schedule to backup every 2 days since I'm always hacking it.

What you have to remember is that the image has to be put back on the same system drive, you can not replace the system drive. Also you have to keep the same drives as part of the pool. Because obviously if you change the pooled drives and restore the image, it will be looking for those drives.

Acronis is expensive, you can also follow this technique for the MediaSmart Server http://forhackers.com/?p=12 the same rules apply, you have to keep the same drives. With acronis, you can run the backup any time, just don't mess with the drive while it's creating the image. This one requires a reboot into recovery mode, but instead of doing a recovery, you are doing a backup. This will create a "Recovery Image" folder to burn a new Server Recovery DVD.

The safest thing to do is a Server Recovery using the disks that comes with your system if you have changed any of the pooled drives because that procedure does not "marry" the drives.

I have been working on building a Custom Server Recovery Disk, but that's another post.

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