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Are there any Known Stablebit Drive Pool Conflicts?

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Does anyone know of any conflicts or any reason you should not run Stablebit Drive Pool on a WHS2011 server that is also running PerfectDisk 12?


I have ordered a Drobo and once it arrives I was thinking of transfering all of my data to the MicroServer, Connecting the Sans Digital 4bay USB tower to the MicroServer and Retiring the HP Data Vault.


I would have the MicroServer connected to, 1 Sans Digital 4 bay eSata tower, 1 Sans Digital 4 Bay USB tower and, 1 4bay USB Drobo (For Backups)


There would be a total of 12 data hard drives backing up to the Drobo.


Not to mention the fact that, all of the shared folder would be backing up to KeepVault. ( Come to think of it! Are there any known issues with Stablebit Drive Pool and KeepVault?)


I'm thinking that using the Stablebit Drive Pool add-in would make drive & Folder managment much more simple.




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Do this fix:



Problem / question: Currently the disk system is set up as just single pass through disks. Anytime there is extremely heavy I/O all the disks drop out and the controller cannot see them anymore. Restarting the TowerRAID system and unplugging the cables does not help, only a reboot of the server. This is getting frustrating as when all the drives were connected to a 3ware 9550sx-12 they never had an issue. Is there another HBA I can try to solve this issue? I do not want to use raid, just single disk pass through.



Turn off "Link State Power Management" under PCI Express in the power options menu. (in control panel)

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