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Not sure on Hyper-V, I do have it running on ESXi, VM Player and a couple OSX Latitudes. The real shame is apple not letting you VM OSX legally unless on OSX

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You know what, I would try Apple's OS in a VM. One of the things that I don't like about them is they all cry and complain about how Microsoft Office or Photoshop or Lightroom or whatever doesn't come out as quick for the Max as it does for the PC (hint, it has something to do with your TINY market share), then they turn right around and make their stuff ONLY run on their OS and/or hardware. Like their solution to Lightroom, only runs on a Mac. And while nearly ever other OS can be happily and fairly easily set up to run as a VM, Mac is the exception.


Steve Jobs was the worst at this. He had no problem stealing other people's work, but had a fit if anyone took his idea or even wanted to open the back of their phone to change the battery. He could also with a straight face get up in front of a crowd and declare his product as the best browsing experience ever, even though it doesn't do flash. But I guess that's OK, not many sites use flash, right? Funny thing was the cool-aide drinking fans drank it all in and rushed to a store to stand in line.


I don't stand in lines! Just watch me when I leave Costco!

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Will look at seeing if I can find a vid to xenconvetor if I can get it working can package up the premade xenvm for you.


While I do find a use for the apple os you will notice my 2 physical OSX units are Dells and then have 2 apple VMs mostly for support some apple family users but also do like MacTheRipper for DVD RIPS

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Is Costco having a Kool-Aid sale?


Costco wants you to wait in a line to LEAVE the store. No %#&^ way am I waiting in a line to leave a place with MY stuff. Once they accepted my payment, ownership of the product shifted to me and I have no legal responsibility to show them anything! I also don't show my receipt at Fry's, Best Buy or Wal-Mart!

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They usually say, "but sir, I need to check your receipt". I just keep walking and say no thanks. I never stop to talk it over.

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