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Keyboard & Mouse stops working at windoeloginscreen

Server Grunt

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This is a restart of an issue that originally got started in another thread...


My USB input devices stops working at login.... looks like USB ports just "shuts" down when the boot up reaches log in to OS



The input devices work in BIOS, safe mode and other special boots...but not in OS (or already at login)


Booting into safe Mode and looking in Device manager:


there are no errors in device management or multiple devices under keyboard and mouse headings


Under Human Interface Device


· both HID-compliant device and USB input device posts (3 of each)


Under Keyboards


· properties->Drivers->Details: 2 drivers kbdclass.sys & kbdhid.sys


Under Mouse


· properties->Drivers->Details: 2 drivers mouclass.sys & mouhid.sys




1. Ikon suggested that there might be that Windows is deliberately disabling USB access, as if it's an issue of rights or permissions


2. As I understand that the “classes” can sometimes cause the type of HW keyboard/mouse failure, by being corrupt (many reasons, but I believe that I can exclude malware/Spyware as the install is brand new and I have not surfed the net.


a. But how correct these? As they are drivers in Sys32, I guess they also have a registry entry that needs to be fixed as well...




Any other suggestions or possible solutions?





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If they work in the BIOS and Safe Mode, then is almost certainly a driver issue. How hard to reload the OS or at least a repair install?

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Well - I have not found out how to get the Server 2008 R2 installer to offer Repair.

Any suggestions?

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LOL, how can you call yourself Server Grunt if you groan when you have to reinstall? :) Heck, you don't even have to be at the computer for most of it.;)

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