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MCE Movie Library not displaying on XBOX 360


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I have WHS2011, a Win7 Media Center box, and the XBOX 360 as the extender. I have a bunch of DVDs in my Movie Library that are stored on WHS. Media Center can see these and I have all of the cover art loaded from the DVDID.XML files. However, the XBOX cannot see any of them. Troubleshooting steps I have tried:

  • Enabled the guest account on the WHS gave it full access to the share
  • Added Windows Media Center account to the WHS Share and gave that full access (found that on some forums).
  • Manually added \\homeserver\dvd to the XBOX MCE library
  • Placed the DVD rip locally on the MCE box. Views fine in MCE, but not on the XBOX



None of these worked and I have nothing displaying on the XBOX. Other media libraries (pictures, videos) work on the XBOX without a problem.


Any ideas?

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It is frustrating. I've had it work and then stop. I would suggest, if you haven't tried this already, ensure the Xbox, MCE computer, and WHS are connected through the same switch by Ethernet cable (i.e. not wireless, not Ethernet over power line, not MOCA, not multiple switches, etc.) in order to remove one variable.


I use MyMovies and have some issues but found that MediaBrowser actually works better with extenders, both in just working, and because it appears to have a better transcoder capability.

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