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So I'm getting ready to do a rebuild of my WHS. I'm removing a 1.5 TB drive from my existing WHS and it has taken 24 hours to get 50% of the way through the removal.

If I pull up the Task Manager, on my dual core chip, one core is at 100% and the other is at idle. During that time the drive I'm removing is pulling 2000kb/s off the drive. I'll check back in some time later and the removal is now running at 20,000kb/s and the core usage is down to 20% on one core.

Any ideas as to what is going on? I went into services and killed anything that was 3rd party.

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That's a really good question. It probably depends mostly on how much data you have and how much free space you will have after removal. Lastly, did you change duplication recently that hadn't settled down?

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