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Linux PC Backup Question

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Sorry guys this is a little off topic, but I need some advice.


What I've got is an old HP PC from one of the local schools and its currently got Ubuntu on it. They want me to install Windows XP on it, but first I want to backup the hard drive that's in it (just in case there is something on there they want).


Just to give me some ideas of the issues I have, the PC had an IDE hard drive and I don't have a PC in the house that supports IDE (all just have SATA or are laptops). And the PC is so old it doesn't have SATA. I haven't got any other IDE drives to back it to up to, but I do have a couple of USB drives. The drive is only a 40gig so its not going to take much room.



Does any body have any ideas on how I could backup the PC and be able to access the files if I need to.

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Are you trying to image it or just get the data off it? If just the data, then use one of your USB drives and copy it over.

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Ok couple of ideas

Buy a USB to sate/IDE convertor cable. For 20 bucks has helped me countless times. Then with that download parted magic and burn to cd. Boot parted magic and use clonezilla to clone to USB or sata

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