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I just ordered the HP Microserver N40L, now what?

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Use TerraCopy or RoboCopy to speed up the transfer

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LOLs I already have Teracopy ... and love it!!! :) It's not so much the transfer speeds as the organisation that I need to fix and there is no software on the planet that can work that one out! ;)





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I use the standard folder with the addition of a software folder and that is organized usually by the Application mode (AD, Antivirus, File Copy, etc) ISO images have their own sub-folder


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hense the reason for the 2 duel nics


Hi yodafett, your post caught my eye....


May I ask if you managed to install 2 of the EXPI9402PTBLK nics into the microserver?


I would like to do the same, but the HP specs suggest the dual nic card will not fit into the pciex1 socket, only the other x16 slot. I would be really happy if you can report that the same card fits in both sockets and then I might install 2 of them!! That indeed would make a "super router" :) Very exciting!

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