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HP N40 Microserver $111.99

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Hey guys,


Guess what was waiting at my back doorstep when I got home from vacation!!! Ordered the MicroServer Saturday night (3/31/2012). Received a cancellation notice on 4/4/2012. So while in Florida, I figured I was out of the running. Got home late Friday night and sitting on the back step was a MicroServer from Insight!. Immediately logged into my credit card to see what was charged. Thought maybe I was being charged full price. To my surprise, I was charged $130.30, which was the amount indicated on my order (111.27 + 12.35 shipping + 6.68 tax). Guess I was one of the lucky ones!!


That is really odd. Those of us who ordered Saturday morning / Saturday afternoon seemed to no be getting so lucky.

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