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Hi Guys,

Dave's got a bonus podcast for you this weekend. Testing out some audio processing software.

In case you didn't get enough of me speaking on Show 78.

I got together with Greg Welch a few weeks back to discuss Digital Archound 2010.

So if you're bored this weekend and have almost 2hr to burn, that's right 2hr, a Home Server Show Podcast OVERLOAD. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

You throw me a line and boy I can talk. No Dave and crew to hold me back. Now you know why the shows are getting longer.

We start off by going over Greg's hardware and some mPanel so it doesn't get started until 37 minutes into the podcast if you want to jump to that part. Then it slow down at the end, I'm burnt.

So enjoy.

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Great show... Dave it sounds great in the download as well as the streaming...

John, loved this show and your input on this bonus podcast. Always enjoy the hardware talk... Greg did a wonderful job. Love this show, hardware ahhh love it; it's like listenning into a conversation. Love the extra podcast all of it's 1 hour and 50 minutes. You need to add the links to the pictures and web site mentionned. I wanted to see the tower shot.


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I was trying to be minimalistic with the show notes due to publishing this show with a new podcast software. Let me tell ya, I was nervous! I guess my homework and reading paid off. I don't see any major issues. There are still a few more backend issues to deal with so hopefully show 79 will go as smooth.

Having said that, I was hoping John and Greg would get in here and post up all the links and photos.

Thanks again to John and Greg for this bonus episode.

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thanks, yep, I was looking around for the link to Greg's review on UWHS, still haven't found it, but I'll post it as soon as I find it.

I always like extra content and the show notes can point to specific points if it gets to long. With a podcast, you can always jump ahead. Thanks for sticking in for the whole thing, sounds like a record podcast length to me.

Thanks Dave.

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I am glad everyone enjoyed the audio with me and John. First, let me apologize for being long winded. I hope the article on a media center build makes up for it. I also included a buy list for all the parts lower down in the comments area. You can use the link below.


In regards to the second half of the audio talking about DA 2010, you will find no bigger fan. I absolutely love what Glenn and the rest of the DA team have done. And there customer support is top notch.

Thanks Again.

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I liked the longer show. The chatter at the beginning about hardware was interesting and entertaining. And it was good to have DA 2010 covered in such detail. The normal podcast has a set of different topics to cover, but the special events shows can focus on one or two topics in depth. There is a lot of talent and expertise on the Home Server Show panel, so lets have others do these special events. Thanks Dave for the extra work you put in.

Nice work John and Greg.

Ed R

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Thanks EDR,

Comments like this may encourage Jim & Chris to do a solo interview.

We were thinking about editing out the beginning, it was a long interview, I'm glad you and others liked it.

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