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WHS 2011 Corrupted Backups


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I may have been giving Microsoft a bad rep. I started getting some intermittent blue screens on my WHS and decided to run Memtest86. Low and behold it found a bad RAM module. I had run Memtest86 before but it never failed. I think this memory module was failing intermittently causing corruption in the backup database. I hope I didn't speak too soon. I'm backing up my four PC's to the WHS and will keep you updated if the problem reoccurs. I'll still use Acronis for my Server and Offsite Backups.


FYI Crucial has a lifetime warranty on their memory. I'm sending them my four 1GB Ballistix modules in exchange for four 2GB modules since they no longer carry the Ballistix memory.

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I must say I, too, have had issues with Crucial RAM. It's why I switched to Corsair some years ago. Now, it seems some people are having issues with some Corsair RAM and many have switched to G-Skill, especiall the Rip-Jaws. My own feeling is that it's due to intense competition forcing OEMs to skimp on Quality Control.

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