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Help with xBox and WHS2011


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I have an xBox 360 (one of the newer ones bought a little under a year ago), that I use as my media extender. The system used to work just fine, but lately when I add new files they don't seem to show up in the menu/folders.



I am not using the Media Center Function, I am using the regular video files function, and if I plug a USB into the front of the xBox with the file copied directly from the WHS2011 box it plays perfectly, and the server, plays and shows all the older files, but for some reason the new files do not show.


Do anyone have any ideas?

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I had a similar issue where they stopped showing up on the website and I had to rebuild the index


I did what they suggested and now i have nothing, showing up how do I force it to rebuild the database, and how long does it normally take?

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