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I have a WHS 2011 box with the OS on a seperate HD and an Adaptec 3405 Raid card running in RAId 5 for my data. I have 3 - 2tb drives attached and am trying to add a 4th.


In Adaptec's Storage Manager, it shows all 4 drives active and on line, but WHS only shows about 4 TB of space (no increase).


I think I messed up by not creating logical drives. I partitioned several drives from the physical one (for Music. pictures, Video, and Data).


If I try to create a logical drives now I'm sure I'll loose all my data.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Caveat emptor that I have a RocketRaid 2720 so I do not know anything about Adaptec for sure.


It sounds like you added the drive but not expanded the array - a quick google shows the 3405 supports onlince capacity expansion (OCE) so you should do some digging on how to do that - I don't believe this just "automatically" happens.

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I don't believe this just "automatically" happens.


Exactly. You might want to create a 2nd array, not expand the existing one.

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If you have run through the expansion process, you still have to go into the disk manger and expand the partition. If the disk manager should show "unallocated space and you should be able to right click and expand it. If it did not show unallocatded space then you did not run through the expand partition process.



Check out the video I did. Different card but the process is the same after you expand.



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Thanks for the input guys. great video doc.

I think I expanded the array correctly in the Adaptec Storage Manager.


l decided to start over and build the array from scratch. I will post with my results.


ps PCDoc, great tip to test your drives, I will do that first.

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