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Installed ForeFront on Server 8


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I ended up Installing Forefront on Server 8.


ForeFront 2010 would fail on installation so I installed the older version but it was very strange.


Took me forever to find the CMD prompt -- finally went to the C:\Windows\System32 and dug for the CMD.exe then right clicked on it to open it as an Administrator.


You can also get to CMD.EXE (Command Prompt) from the Server Manager =>Tools =>System Configuration=> Tools Tab=> scroll down to Command Prompt => Launch


installed with the command in the Client\x64 folder:

In the Command Prompt window, change to the location of the Client Security Client folder, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

clientsetup.exe /NOMOM

Then went to windows update (after earlier changing it to all Microsoft products) and did the update.


The update went well and it installed then it dissapeared from my service tray on the lower right but it is listed as running in the Services Window -- I just don't know how to open it now!


I used the technique Paul & I discussed in a Forum thread started by PCDoc:




Awwww, Just do a Server reboot and the Forefront Icon is where it should be -- a big green happy check mark!

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wanted to see if I could do it :) -- that and I don't know what I'm doing -- I knew Win8 had the expanded Defender last time but wasn't expecting it in Server 8.


The built-in defender service is disabled with ForeFront installed -- now to see about unistalling -- it is really hard to find stuff in Server 8 -- of course I'm used to the old interfaces with a "start"


Who do I turn in my Geek card too? :)

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Uninstalled Forefront with no problem and Defender is running again (the service is running) though there should be someplace where I can open it up -- still searching for it -- !!

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Took me forever to find the CMD prompt -- finally went to the C:\Windows\System32 and dug for the CMD.exe then right clicked on it to open it as an Administrator.


In Win8, to get to almost anything, just hit the WinKey and start typing. E.g. to get a command prompt, hit WinKey then type CMD. It will show up in a list at the left. Just click on it and Bob's your uncle :)

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