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Problems backing up between two servers, help please


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We are trying to use two HP ProLiant MicroServer’s with WHS2011 installed to cross backup our data. So far Super Flexible File Synchronizer and GoodSync have been tried. The problem with Superflexable is the receving server cuts the upload offs maily with large (but not exclusively)files. For examble “FTP Exception (5): ETGSocketError Socket error 10054: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. @ 00D3C31F Exception Operation Canceled at 00E198E5”. This was when trying to upload a 214Mb ppx and was about 1/3 through. GoodSynic is worse, the same tile gets about 2 to 3% and gets cut off (no idea why as nothing logged. It then starts again.

We are using WebDAV as FTP with SuperFlexable was uploading at very low speeds (as low as 10k) and was had the server disconexting as well. WebDAV has been faster at about 40-50k average with both but we have these two issues, cut-off and what is slow speed. The WHS2011 upload program uploaded the same ppx in about 30miniutes but both other programs would, if they didn’t disconnect, would take well over an hour. But both don't work with files so uploaded and whant to replace them making this way unworkable to reguler lage file uploads.

I would be grateful for ideas as what the disconnection issue is being caused by and ideas of a better backup/ Synchronizer program/s to try.

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