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802.1q is just a style of vlan which I like to use. Trunking is not routing. Trunking is just passing multi tagged vlans on a port. Using EIGRP and OSPF routing protocols are advanced dynamic routing protocols typically not found in the home network. EIGRP was a Cisco routing protocol whereas OSPF was more of the open protocol supported by more vendors. The routing protocols usually found at home are RIP and RIPII. I don’t really need any of these routing protocols if the switch would support static routing. I would be happy to setup vlans with static routes. Which switch are you talking about which would support static routing?


I am still thinking about pfsense. I have been reading on this forum and pfsense’s forum to gain a better understanding of using it.

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802.1q is the only vlan protocol / standard I'm aware of. Please tell me if you know an alternative protocol. (interested because of my studies) And I am aware that trunking isn't routing and I don't think I have ever stated so.


Here is the switch I originally intended to get. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833316177 it has L3 features like the static ipv4 routing, but is still a L2+ switch. Price is quite fair also.

The deal breaker for me was that it's not a fanless design.

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I have been giving this vlan firewall thing more thought. I found a Cisco RVS4000 version 2 router (latest version) for $59 on eBay. I decided to try using this gig switch/router as my core layer3 switch. It is much cheaper than buying and building a pfsense machine. It supports 802.1q vlan tags and routing vlans. It will support up to 4 vlans. I plan to turn off all the firewall stuff and use it strictly as a layer 3 vlan switch. I think it will be fast enough for a home network.


My first project is to setup a separate isolated network for when guests come over and when I am working on friends and relatives machines especially when they have viruses. I do not want these machines to see my core network or have access to it but I still want my workstations wired or wireless to still have access to my core network. Using vlans should solve this problem for me. All my firewall stuff and untangle box will need to be restructured to support multiple networks for scanning. DHCP will need to be modified. I hope DHCP relay will work so I can use one DHCP server with multiple scopes.

I have a Cisco RV082 router which has vlans but does not support 802.1q tags. It is a cheap old router. At work I never used anything but 802.1q vlan tags.

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