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I have been working on a couple of different WHS 2011 add-ins. The one that I am working on more actively is going to expand on the Server to client relationship that the Dashboard currently does. This add-in will allow users to run a variety of applications on the WHS from the client using Remote Desktop Services as the Dashboard does today. The first application that I am working to package is Resource Monitor. The plan would that you would install this add-in and a new icon would show in the launchpad and be called Resource Monitor. When you click on this new icon Resource Monitor would open on the client (current machine you are on) and the ResourceMonitor.exe would open over Remote Desktop Services.


Here is the current list of default applications that are available to have a Remote App created for:



Character Map

Connect to a Projector

Create a System Repair Disc


Dashboard (Safe mode)

Data Sources (ODBC)

Default Programs

Disk Cleanup

Disk Defragmenter

Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

iSCSI Initiator


Remote Desktop Connection

Resource Monitor

Security Configuration Wizard

Snipping Tool

Sound Recorder

Storage Explorer

Sync Center

Systme Configuration

System Information

Windows Live ID

Windows Media Player

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell (x86)

Windows PowerShell Modules

Windows Update



I am pretty sure that any other *.exe that is installed on the WHS2011 server can be made into a Remote Application as well... I will do some checking into that and possible make a second add-in after I complete and roll-out my first.


Are there applications that you would like to see using this functionality?

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re: "Are there applications that you would like to see using this functionality?"

Just one, Windows Media Centre :-)

Really, I think the list is more than most people would use anyway.

May even get a lot of us into trouble.


Good work

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The application has to be one that can be installed on the WHS. I don't believe WMC will install on a Windows Server 2011 platform.

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That looks really nice.

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Has anyone gone into their server and setup a remote app to run on their server from another machine?

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You don't mean running from an RDP connection, right?

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This process and remote app technology that is part of the MS Server OS allow you to have an icon on another machine that will run a programs executable on the server and the program to run like a native application on another machine.


For example:


take the notepad.exe and make it a remote app then take the icon that is generated and move to another machine on your network.  Now when you click on that notepad icon it will launch the application but the notepad.exe is running on the server and showing on the other machine you are using.  This allows you to utilize your servers CPU/RAM to run the application and view the application on another machine.

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Are you talking about using WHS as a Terminal Server.  That role is now called Remote Desktop Session Host.


If so, there are a few gotchas up front.  Without the RDS CAL's, you can only run for 120 days before the roles will be disabled.

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@G. WadeTech,


Unless I'm misunderstanding you, this is exactly what my WHS RemoteApp 2011 and WSE RemoteApp 2012 (R2) add-ins are designed to do for you. Basically, they allow the server administrator to "publish" any program that is installed directly on their server (e.g. notepad.exe, etc.), assign a set of users whom are allowed to access it, and then have those "allowed" users be able to run the published program straight from their client desktop (without using the Dashboard). The published program runs on the server, but acts just like a native application running on the client machine (i.e. a "Remote application" or "RemoteApp" for short).


So... Instead of the program just being able to be run from within the server Dashboard application (by an admin), it can instead be run by any network user (without admin rights) from their client computer. They can run it straight from their Desktop via a shortcut, from the Launchpad application, or from the server's built-in Remote Web Access website.



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