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help me decide between HP microserver vs Synology NAS


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Thanks everyone for the feedback,

I had another think about what I’m trying to do and realized that I should have first decided on the setup I needed and then found the appropriate hardware (PC/NAS/WHS) to solve it rather than narrowing it down to certain products first.


Along with wanting client backup with images, I’d also like to do the following



A DIY / low cost system to stream music around the house to 6-8 zones, and be able to control via iphone/ipad. This limits me to software such as itunes, JRMC, casatunes and hardware of either apple express ‘s or PCI sound cards, both require a PC running 24/7. Handheld apps seem to run mostly on a PC. I could have the music on a NAS or WHS and have the software point to it. Either way a low power PC is best suited. Server can either store the music or back it up from the Music PC. I also want to be able to stream my music to my phone, but it seems this works best from a server (NAS/WHS).



I’d like to be able to playback some video on a TV, possibly using media streamers such as ATV2, WD live, with play back software such as Plex, XBMC, which could pull content from a PC/NAS/WHS or use a HTPC with WMC..or PLex / XBMC etc


-Photos; same interface as video, but would also like to be able to stream away from home, which again, seems to work best from a server.



I feel like I’m going around in circles.

It’s as if the best solution to serve the content inside the home is from a PC and from a server to outside the home, but surely there’s an easy way to combine all this.

I also kinda feel that if using a server for client backups, its best to keep that separate from the media server, but then that suggest using 2 servers (backups and content serving).


Any configuration suggestions are much appreciated?


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Congratulations on the change in tactics. It's always the best idea to identify what you want the system to do when it's done, then research potential ways to accomplish that.

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Hi Jsox,

Went with a microserver, and almost have it set up. I have a few other post out there asking Q's, and I'll pick one to document my final system,

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