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Two Homeservers on same Network


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Well folks,


Here is a silly quest of mine; therefore a question:


Can you put two homeservers on a same network 192.168.x.x and therefore could you have both of them with a WEB server? How would YYY.Homeserver.com handle this and then how would you have to handle it via your router?


I tried it once with V1 and it did not work out for me; now I am trying it with WHS2011 to see if I could figure something out...


Hey what else would I do to waste a Saturday afternoon?


Any solutions?

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You can put two home servers on but you can not use them both for remote access directly. The easiest way to run two servers is to use Logmein. If you put one server with remote access and install logmein on both, you can access either one and use one for streaming and other things.

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You could do it if you changed the ports for the second server in IIS to something other than 80 & 443. Say, something like 8080 & 4343 so when you remoted into the second server remotely the URL would look something like:




Backups should only be addressed to one however.

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My first question was, "Are these web servers for public access or just for your own, or you and a few friends?". If just for you or you and a few friends, then I think I have an easier way.


Following on from jmwills, you can avoid changing any ports on your WHS boxes by configuring your internet router to redirect outside ports to the correct WHS.


Let's say WHS 1 has IP You configure your router to send outside requests for port 2280 to and port 22443 to From outside your LAN you would access the web server by typing URLs as http://myserver.homeserver.com:2280 and https://myserver.homeserver.com:22443. The router would replace http://myserver.homeserver.com:2280 with and https://myserver.homeserver.com:22443 with and forward the packets onto your LAN.


For WHS 2, you could have ports 3380 and 33443 redirected to, much the same as for WHS 1.


I find this is a simpler way to provide outside access to my WHS, rather than messing with the ports used by the web server(s).


My 2 cents...

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I have v1 server as a primary, configured for remote access and I have a 2011 server also running on the network.


I have the v1 connector installed on the 2011 server (with back up disabled). If I need to mange the 2011 remotely, I remote access the v1 server and then remote desktop on to the 2011 server.

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