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Background: I have a Vista partioned hard drive on my machine that I am not using. This was my origional OS before Windows 7 was relesed. I personally find it best to just install a new hard drive which I did and usually do with each upgrade and migrate the old hard drive somewhere else or boneyard it or keep it installed.

Now I have a 750GB hard drive with only Vista on it that I am not using and want to put it in my WHS. It was partitioned with a "D" drive at one time to seperate data from OS, now it only has one partition with Vista and is backedup to my WHS.

Question Time: If I take this hard drive out, wipe it clean then put it into my WHS as storage could I ever restore this backed up partition to another hard drive if I needed to?

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Yes, you can. You don't need to restore a backup to the same drive that you saved it to. You will be able to restore computer backups to any other computer (even a virtual machine maybe). Just remember to set the backup to never delete. Also, you might want to look into the BDBB add-in, otherwise if you system drive dies, you could potentially lose all of your computer backups.

With regards to partitioning, when you add a drive to the storage pool on a WHS, it will delete all partitions and partition it itself, so you don't need to worry about manually doing that.

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