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Because of the podcast, I did learn about Wuala and am really enjoying that product, so I thought I would share some things that I am doing with WHS. I have been a long time listener, but I have not read the boards that much. After reading the current posts, I was surprised to see so little on these boards about LogMeIn and the Hamachi VPN client.

I have LogMeIn installed on my WHS and all my desktops and laptops. It does offer some nice redundancy to WHS and Remote Access. There has been times when I have lost power and the WHS stays off due to a graceful shutdown by GridJunction. One of my desktops is set to "return to previous state" in the event of a power outage via the bios. This is nice because I can then use my iPhone to login to this PC and then do a remote start of all the other computers in my home. I have enabled WOL to make this possible.

The other thing I like about LogMeIn is the nice interface that is available via an iPhone for RDP sessions. It is much handier than Remote Access.

One other thing that is very nice with the Hamachi VPN client installed is when I am on a netbook at a wifi hotspot, I can just drag and drop files from the WHS via the local File Explorer. I do not have to login to the WHS box and download the files. This drag and drop is much easier.

Did you guys see that someone is starting to build a 100TB WHS system? That is going to be an awesome thread to read the build about. My 7TB WHS system is crying in the corner from the thought of a 100TB system coming online.

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LogMeIn is an old favorite of mine, I use it for a while then drop it, then pick it up again. My brother uses it very frequently to log into customers to fix there PC's. Welchworks has a nice article at UWHS about Hamatchi http://usingwindowshomeserver.com/2010/02/16/what-to-do-when-you-go-on-the-road-or-your-parents-dont-want-a-windows-home-server-of-their-own/

I'll have to hunt for that 100TB WHS.

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