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A peak at my WHS obsession...


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I love my WHS machine, I have had it for about 2 years now, but I have one problem with it. But before I ask the community for help, I feel that I need to contribute first. Below is a visual accounting of my home network, some people call it an obsession, but fortunately my girlfriend if very understanding. (hopefully eveyone can see the pictures)

I first started out with a Home Theater PC... I wanted a way to get my MP3s into my surround sound system. I purchased a case from someone on Ebay, built the PC and the rest is history...


The bottom component is the HTPC


I was using an Gyration Air Mouse and a standard Media Center Remote, but then I found this fantastic hybrid of the two by Gyration... it is a Mouse, Remote, and Media info Display in one unit. (it displays your media libraries and shows you what is currently playing)...

I love the solution of streamig media from the server to the clients... it works great especially since my apartment has ethernet cabling in the walls already so I don't have to worry about the wireless signal! If i can have a media hub in the living room... why not put one in the bedroom...
and make controlled by a touchscreen...
The ELO touchscreen I bought off of Ebay used, it used to be a POS (Point of Sale, not the other meaning) retail monitor. It is not multi-touch, so there are no flicks or swipes, just mouse emulation, but it works great. But if you have a PC in the bedroom, it can't look like a PC... Here is a picture of it while I was building it...
Basically it is a Micro ITX form factor with laptop hard drive, external brick power supply, and a slot loading dvd drive. For the box I went to ROSS (like a TJ Max) and found the perfect dresser valet case for $11.99. A little drilling, and a lot of cutting later, a PC was born!
Ok Ok, I can hear you say, what about the server... well that is a Franken-Build as well, I bought a Chenbro case and filled it with 3 drives, a Via Mini-itx motherboard with an embeded 1.8 GHZ processor and 3 GB of RAM. (I have since removed some of the memory and a drive for another project). The server used to sit in the bedroom in my nightstand, but my girlfriend complained of the "gurgling" sound coming from the nightstand around midnight (I'm guessing it was the nightly backups that were waking her up). So I put the server in the closet along with my routher and modem. I am also using the server as a print server...
As far as the other project goes, the last picture is a picture of it. Beleive it or not I found the computer in the trash! The case was in great shape (although i don't care for the gaming PC look), the 450 watt powersupply works great, the DVD drive works great, Mother board and memory were all good. Actually I brought it inside, hooked it up to a monitor and it booted right up into windows XP. I couldn't believe it!
Since then I have put a new Motherboard, CPU and memory into it, and put one of my servers drives into it as well. The CPU is an AMD chip since you can run them in either 32 bit and 64 bit modes (I'm trying to future proff myself against the next release of WHS :) Anyways Thanks for reading.


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