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Welcome a new Moderator, PCDoc


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PCDoc has earned his stripes ten times over in this forum so I would like to let everyone know he has been appointed Moderator. Thank you for your participation here Mike. Sorry to assign you even more work now!


Moderator Team


Chris Kenney CSKenney

Rich O'Neil DVN

Jim Collison JCollison

John Zajdler Diehard

Mike Faucher PCDoc

Dave HSSDave

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I guess congratulations are in order.

I just bet the Doc was looking for a way to spend his idle hours

Might keep you away from NewEGG for a minute or two

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How does someone go about doing the full foshay modding a forums. I guess we will find out. hope Dave increases his bandwidth.

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Atta Boy, mike


Glad you are here, but how do you find the time? Just finished the latest

BYOB Podcast today, great job.


ya i also finished the 76 podcast today

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