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I had the pleasure of fiddling with that SAS connector myself this past weekend. I use a precision screwdriver to pop in the little "teeth" at the top of the bracket that were resisting.

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OK, guys, at this point I think it's time for an intervention. Joe_Miner is obsessed with N40L MicroServers. As his online and, in some cases, in-person friends, it is out duty to step in and try to prevent him from losing everything due to an unhealthy addiction to a piece of tech.


I propose we challenge Joe_Miner to refrain from mentioning, thinking about, reading about, or playing with N40L MicroServers for an entire week, to see if he can break the addiction. We owe it to his friends and family.... think of his poor grand-children, growing up without their grand-father. Oh the horror, the horror


:D :D


heehee. Thought this was kind of appropriate on Hallowe'en.

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How is that post on her blog any more a confirmation than you showing 16GB in your Microserver?


I saw it as confirmation because SBS-Diva used Corsair RAM while I used G.Skill (listed in my Parts List at http://homeserversho...-mb971sp-b.html and http://homeserversho..._100#entry47788 and my System Info Screen at Message #125 at http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3397-modified-bios-for-microserver-n40l-enables-hidden-features/page__st__120#entry45957 ) It's nice to see that a diversity of RAM manufactures works for people I feel I actually know -- OK, I don't know her at all but she has been on the HSS several times.

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