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Picasa / Picasaweb vs Gladinet for moving to the Google's photo cloud...


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OOPS -- didn't mean to post this in the builders forum but realized it too late. Dave, can you move to the Podcast forum (I guess?)

I know we've talked a bunch about Picasa(web) in both the "Gladinet" and "Apps Installed on WHS" threads, but I noticed something this weekend that I thought I'd bring to the attention of those interested...

First of all, I have been using Picasa's desktop app to manage my photos (of course) as well as initially uploading and then syncing photos and family vidoes taken by our P&S Canon. All of this conent is going to to the 200GB of Picasaweb storage I just got thanks to the info a few weeks ago from Dave and the podcast guys.

With regard to the Picasa vs Gladinet discussion, personally, I really like that Picasa's appl will continue to sync file changes, (specifically edits and deletions) between the desktop app where my wife -- mostly -- manages our photo collection and Picasaweb storage / interface. More importantly, once folder syncing is turned on (folder by folder is a pain initially) in Picasa, there's no thinking about it, or instructing my wife how to use it. She edits her heart away and the files sync back to Picasaweb in seconds-to-minutes after her edits. Note: My Picasa App is on my home desktop and not on my WHS. My wife definitely does not know how to RDP into WHS... that would be a nightmare.

Once my 7 years of digital photos were uploaded, I was reassured by the fact that my Gladinet drive showed all of my Picasaweb folders (and my Google Docs drive). Using this approach over the weekend, I confirmed that all uploaded Picasa folders had synced properly and that uploaded photos were 'full size' backups (not the 1600 px which is the Picasa app default - make sure to change that setting under Options).

Finally, the file counts by folder looked exact after the sync net of some thumbnail and .db files used by desktop picasa which were not synced of course. However, I noticed that the folder storage size was somewhat lower on Picasaweb compared to my local disk. After a little investigation, I see that while the photos are exact copies of my local files, the videos were smaller. At this point, I haven't been able to investigate further to tell if the vids were smaller resolution (X x Y reduction) or just compressed (lower bitrate or even a different format alltogether). Regardless, Picasa is doing some conversion to videos before uploading.

I need to look into this further but wanted to start this Picasa/Gladinet thread and mention it here for those interested in making 'full' backups of your personal pics and vids.... It turns out Picasaweb isn't necessarily the full backup solution for videw right now.

Maybe Gladinet might be the best way to upload the videos in full format to Picasaweb? If I do try this, I'll probably do it outside of the Picasa App folder structure so that I don't mess up any of the syncing.

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ITTOG - Thanks. I hadn't thought of pulling those other relevant posts as background.

Just to clarify -- I only started a new thread to provide a more focused discussion of Picasa in the WHS application. (Basically, Dave's suggestion on last week's show wrt long threads like Wuala). In the other 'Picasa' related threads, Picasa was fairly off-topic and in the case of "Apps on WHS" it had taken over the discussion a little bit.

Looking forward to hearing what others have to say here.

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I like the idea of its own thread as the topic is getting a lot of good discussion. I am following it closely because I don't currently back up photo's to the web but would like to.

Do you know if I store my tags in the metadata of the file, can Picasa read it? I use ACDSee to put the tag information into the file and will continue doing that but I don't want to use Picasa if it can't read it. I am fine if it can read it and then translates it into its external tracking though.

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I think Picasa (and PicasaWeb) CAN read tags inserted into the jpg file as metadata but (as you seem to know) tags added from within Picasa are stored in a proprietary db.

Personally, after listening to a Digital Lifestyle (Mediacenter Show) podcast on photo management and tagging which diehard recommended in the other thread, I have been thinking more about tagging (internal to the jpg metadata), so I'm wondering is there a free ACDSee version I can try out and let you know? I used ACDSee a long time ago but haven't for at least 6 or 7 years.

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Does anybody know if I upload pictures via Gladinet, then go into Picasa and "Sync to Web" for that folder, will it upload a second copy or recognize the one already in the cloud and match them up via file name?

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I heard on the 77 podcast that Picassa doesn't automatically sync nested folders. I store my photos by date like most people do. 2010-02-24.

Does Gladinet do that or is it as simple as logging into the WHS and picking new folders as they are added?

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ohpleaseno -- I don't think Picasaweb storage was built with an architecture assuming that anything other than Picasa's desktop app would be facilitating the uploads (and syncing). Not sure how it would handle what you propose. I do know you would have to name the FOLDER exactly the same as your Picasa Desktop folder name and you might have a shot at avoiding dupes. Let us know.

sixty4. -- A quick clarification. Picasa doesn't automatically sync anything at all, however the 'nested' aspect is irrelevant. Regarless of your folder struture (could just be a long list of folders without any nesting), Picasa will automatically import the folders for Photo management (Yes, you can tell it to get all nested folders below a certain node). However at that point, you have to MANUALLY tell it to sync on a folder by folder basis (by a simple click of the sync button in the upper right of the Library's folder view).

I guess if you keep your photos this way, it could be a real pain to check 'sync with picasaweb' for every date your camera has taken a photo. The way I avoid this is to consolidate all pics from a particular month's download dates (which are downloaded in YYYY-MM-DD as you describe) into a single month folder or sometimes 2 folders per month when there's a paricular event I'd like separated (like in December when I have Christmas pics in a different folder than other Dec pics).

NOTE: I tend to copy the files from a particular set of by date folders into the target Month folder. That way I also keep a copy of the original camera file in case I do something stupid. These raw originals from the camera do not become part of Picasa. It's total data duplication, but I've got 3 or 4 TB now to play with now that I have WHS.

Note2: You mention logging into WHS and picking folders to be uploaded. You can certainly install Picasa on your WHS (as IndyLux does I think), but you don't need to. I keep my files on the WHS, but run Picasa from my desktop pointing to the WHS file location.

Anyway, just for clarity, my folder structure on the WHS disk and in Picasa looks like:

-2010 (folder only no pics or vids)
-- 2010-02 (Feb pics and vids)
-- 2010-01 (Jan pics and vids)
-- 2009-12 Christmas
-- 2009-12
-- 2009-11
-- 2009-10 South Pole Vacation
-- 2009-10

With this approach, I only need to click 'sync to picasaweb' once each month when I first create that month's folder (album). Sorry for the long write-up but I hope this helps shed some light on the comment from show 77.

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