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HP Microserver $299 with free 2TB drive, free ship


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How many of these things did they make? Still a great deal. I have moved my WHS 2011 install on to it and am now moving data. All is well so far.

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I'm soooooo tempted. The Force is not strong with me. With a 2TB drive? Jeeze. Must...not.....click.....must not......click......

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Yeah... but is this an issue?



Embedded SATA


SATA Protocol SATA 2, 3Gb/s

SATA Ports 5 internal

Port transfer rate 3Gb/s total

So I suppose one could get a better internal card.



And what about Raid 0 OR Raid 1 support? I'm sure it will do JBOD, but I suppose I'm just a bit curious.


RAID Levels Supported RAID 1 (Mirroring)

RAID 0 (Striping)


I did find a guy posting a pretty good review of his. This alone appeals to expansion for sure. Then there's the question of "Do I NEED it?"


I'm currently running with 14Tb (a PCI-E card + (2) 4-bay Sans Digital JBODs) and this box is quiet and runs cooler than the external drive boxes. I've experienced no problems with skipping, and that's with the server also running other processes, like podcatching, u-torrent client, and TiVo trasnfer/recoding.





(Jim, you slay me)

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An amazing deal! Nice catch Dave!


(The Force is strong in the Micro...........................) :)


Joe...you're not helping me. :angry:

Edited by jazzerjay
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Tempting i figure buy March they will have the N53L out with the 2.2 processor out. though this would be perfect for a home mini server/iSCSI SAN

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