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3.0 is out


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I'm indecisive. I don't think I'd get enough out of it and I'd rather save up for WHS2. I don't know though. Also not sure if it will bog down my ex470 too much.

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It would seem its not a one size fits all solution given that there are different versions of the HP MSS 3.0 upgrade disc set for the EX47x family and the EX48x family respectively.

I wonder if there is a BIOS component to the upgrade? If anyone performs this upgrade could you please take note of the BIOS version pre and post just as an FYI,

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There is a version of Twonky in 1.3...It was under a different name back then though. I don't think you can get the updated version of Twonky (without the CPU bug) on the ex470 without paying for it though.

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naiive question here---but I have an ex475 and have been reasonably happy with it thus far. As it stands I have my media (photos, videos, recorded TV, music and my DVD collection) stored on my WHS and stream them to my media PCs (with the exception of my XP box, which can't access the recorded TV).

I keep hearing about "Twonky" and now see that it is included in the HP Update. What exactly does "Twonky" do? Is it just a "better" interface than Media center or does it actually do something. I checked out their site and, for me at least, the answer to that very simple question isn't entirely obvious.

On their site, they say:
"With TwonkyMedia manager, you can share your media on compatible devices throughout your home. Want to send a photo slideshow to your digital photo frame? No problem. Watch your favorite videos on the TV? Easy. Play music in every room in your house? TwonkyMedia manager makes all this possible."

Well with media center, I can share my media to my PCs and my 3 PS3s (via DLNA). My Digital Photo frame pulls photos from a pre-determined directory and shows them randomly. I can watch videos on all my TVs (one is connected to my Media PC and the others have SlingCatchers, allowing them to use the Media Center interface). I can play music via any TV or PC, plus streaming from iTunes via AirPort Express units (I have 8 of them).

So basically I'm wondering what I stand to gain from this portion of the 3.0 upgrade (if anything). Is this just about a better interface?

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