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Playback via PS3


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I have a home built WHS as well as a PS3 and a Samsung HDTV. I found a few posts discussing some hard ware lists, the PS3 being one.

My question is how to use my PS3 to play back movies?

I have AnyDVD and have been using it to make .iso files. I can see my WHS and Windows 7 machine from the PS3 but I don't know what to do from here? My PS3 is hooked up via wireless.

How can I use the PS3?

I also have Sony Laptop with HDMI out on it, but I would not consider that as permanent solution as the PS3....


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I use PMS (PS3 Media Server) to streap movies on the PS3. It is both and add-in and a service and you need both parts. You can get more information at http://ps3mediaserver.org/forum/index.php. I don't believe you can use iso's on the PS3 though. I think it has to be in folder structure, that is what I used.

AJ, do you have an example of a DLNA server? I believe WHS 2.0 will be DLNA compliant?

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Twonky is the most popular DLNA server for the WHS. It's not free though, except on HP machines (if I remember correctly).
As to WHS2, well everything is speculation at this point. Everybody wants it, for sure.

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Hmm more choices! So its between PMS and Twonky.

Which one can install in the WHS? both?

I'm turning into an HD snob finidhing it hard to watch a regular DVD at times, but this would be great for streaming music, photos and my daughters DVD's into the TV.

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Just a caveat about playback of DVDs through a DLNA server using the PS3. There may be something new in this regard, so if someone knows better, great... but I have all of my DVDs in Video_TS folder structure and I tried Twonky and found it disappointing for playing DVDs through the WHS. It can only play the files within the folder individually (one after the other if you set that function on the PS3) and NOT at all like a DVD (with menus, previews, etc). I believe the Xbox is the same way. Which led me to creating my own extender with spare computer parts runnning full Windows 7 for full compatibility with my DVD collection on the WHS. I'm not sure about iso files, but I think you may have a similar (if not worse) problem with those.

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Certainly, the Twonky server built into my HP EX495 works pretty good for music and photos over wifi to the PS3. I don't love the DNLA interface on the PS3, but then again (off topic), I've never really seen a good Music interface outside of Galleon media server to the Tivo.

Anyway, with regard to Blu-Ray Disk rips, I would think that you might need to run an Ethernet connection to the PS3 rather than using wifi. It just seems to me that bandwidth limits might be an issue and you might see some video stuttering -- do you have Wifi-N or Wifi-G.... maybe N does have the throughput to handle it now.

I actually have two WHS DNLA servers which show up when I search from my PS3 and I'm not exactly sure what the other one is... It's definitely NOT PMS. I think I installed an add-in called Firefly at some point in the last few months... your thread here has reminded me that I'll have to look into that.

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Check out UPNP Inspector to see what devices you have on your network that are functioning as a Digital Media Server, Renderer, or Player.

Using the Media Connector built into WHS, here's the content it can host natively:

Cool, huh.

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Seems like I read that Twonky prefers iso's on DVD's.

I have a wireless g router and the PS3 struggles with just DVD's so I know blu-rays won't work.

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