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Managing server backups?


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Is there any way to manually manage server backups like it is for client backups? When I click on any client backup I can see list of backups, view ones details and from there rename backup set and change it from being automatically managed to delete or keep it. While trying to do the same for server backup it is only possible to view some generic info about backup, but not change backup set name nor to manage its persistance manually. If I'm not missing something there is significant lack of functionality! If I change something that I'm not 100% sure will work properly or I'll make change I'm not sure i"ll want to keep, I'd like to have possibility to mark backup taken before the change and easily be able to restore system status to that one at any time. E.g. like backup of clean system just after installation is complete, then after all necessary updates are loaded or significant change made to sustem (e.g. installation of any of available DE replacements). Am I missing something here?

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