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Logitech Harmony Link for $80 at Fry's (online too)


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    • Ikon-TNG
      By Ikon-TNG
      I have a project that could use the  expertise of you talented members. As you all know, my father is dead, but my mother is very much alive. She doesn't live a horrible distance from us, but it's far enough that we don't just run there on a whim. With that in mind, here are some factors I'm considering:
      I do all her banking, bill paying, etc. Of course, I do it online. She used to be a teller in a bank, so she still very much likes to keep her own records. To help with that, I used Word to create a 'bank book' for her that gives a great deal more room for entries than what is normally provided by typical cheque books. At the moment, I have to print new blank sheets at home, then take them to her. Of course, I love to visit her, but sometimes she needs new sheets at a time when I'm too busy, or I'm away. Being able to print some remotely at her condo would be a benefit.
        Sometimes, friends and family send me emails intended for her, because she doesn't have a computer. She's never used a computer in her life, and she says she has no intention of starting at her age. Being able to remotely print them at her condo would also be beneficial.
        We have an Epson WF-7510 printer. It used to be the main printer on our network, but I replaced it with an Epson Eco-tank printer because the ink is so much cheaper per page. We print a lot more than my mother, so I was thinking the WF-7510 would be a great printer for remote printing.
        I did take the printer to her condo, and connected it to her Cisco cable modem. I then, after considerable trial and error, managed to get it set up to work with Epson Connect. It was working pretty well that way, until I tried to print out some medical record sheets for her. It was a PDF, and it got royally messed up. It seems the document is too complicated (or something) for Epson Connect to handle.
        So I'm looking for a better way to enable this remote printing. I know google has a cloud printing service, but it requires the use of the Chrome browser. My father always warned me off Chrome, saying it was insecure and he refused to use it for anything. In fact, he basically didn't use google for anything. He once told me to never trust a company that says they're not evil. He recommend I use FireFox, so that's what I've done for years. Also, since Epson Connect screwed up, I'm a little leery about using another cloud printing service.
        I know how to use Remote Desktop. My father taught me how to use it to administer my server. I thought it might be a solution. I could set up a tiny ASrock computer I have on the shelf at her condo, connect the printer to it, then use RDP to connect to the ASrock, copy over whatever document needs printing, and print it from the ASrock directly. That should work, shouldn't it? I could even keep documents she needs regularly on the ASrock permanently, so I wouldn't have to copy them over each time. My only concern is my father told me Remote Desktop isn't really all that secure over the Internet.
        I've also heard of VPN. I was wondering if it might be an option since, from what I've read so far, it seems to be secure over the Internet  
      Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or other feedback would be most welcome.
    • ChrisB1488993274
      By ChrisB1488993274
      Hi there,
      New to this forum site, so apologies if the post is not in the best category etc....
      Have had a Surface RT for a couple of months now - given to me as a xmas present - and I have to say, I absolutely love it.
      I also have a new Nokia Lumia 925 running Wp8.
      I wondered whether any apps existed, like Smartglass for Xbox 360 / Xbox One, that enabled use of a wp8 handset as a mouse or trackpad to control the surface rt? Doesn't need to be full on remote support etc, just a simple additional control, like a bluetooth mouse.
      Any help would be much appreciated.
      Many thanks
    • Joe_Miner
      By Joe_Miner
      One of my HTPC's that starts to the MS account (N40L running Windows 10 Pro)  -- the Launch Pad would Load & Log in OK but the icon's are not visible (i.e. Backup, Remote, Shared Folders, Dashboard) but everything worked and from my WHS2011 it was backing up OK etc -- I was going to mess with it when I had a block of spare time then I noticed that another of my PC's that also starts up to another MS account (Z68 with i5 running Windows 10 Pro) started showing a blank Launch Pad also!  
      Has one of the W10 updates trashed this?  
      Anyone else experiencing the same?
      What the french Toast!
    • GomeRyan
      By GomeRyan
      I just upgraded to Windows Home Server 2011. I can access files and download them remotely. I can't stream media though. It shows my media the Media Library Window. But when I click on any of it, I get this message: "An error has occurred on the server. Please try again later. If the error continues, view Support Informationfor help." For a little while I was able to stream to my Windows Mobile phone. Now I can't stream to it either. Any advice?
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