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Glad to have you! Sorry that you got stuck in with the Spam. Don't take it personally.

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Howdy :-)   I'm Martin, just got myself on the Gen8 Microserver bandwagon.   Used to work in server/network infrastructure, so familiar with HP/Dell servers, blade/SAN, Cisco networking.   Nice

Hello Being disappointed by bugs on standard NAS products, i decided to build one based on OpenMediaVault linux deb. Found that Gen8 works fine for this purpose, i discovered this extraordin

Hello, I'm Jerry ... currently performing IT work for non-profit as "retirement" job.  They are a small organization using WHS 2011 and I must confess it is a new critter to me.  I realize this O/S ha

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My name is Roland and I am currently a Technical Sales Rep for Icy Dock. I am also in process of getting my BS in Electrical Engineering.

Icy Dock aside, in the last year I have begun to create my home network of media, primarily movies and TV shows, but also my huge music collection. Right now it isn't much, but I recently acquired a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 Dell Desktop for $50, installed 2GB of memory, and it runs good as new! I will be eventually adding our new screwless multibay backplane with it to hold (3) 500GB drives for storage, and transfer it to a nicer, smaller case. Then, WHS will be installed and it will be ready to roll!

Hoping to get some excellent info from the forum, and (hopefully not too much) maybe some help if/when I run into problems.

Like most college students, I am online a lot, so if anyone ever has questions or even feedback, feel free to PM me or post a thread.



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Welcome Roland. Congrats on becoming an EE. It's a good place to me. I was a Computer Engineer major for 3 semesters, then switched to Industrial Engineering (and dropped my psychology double major).

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EE and ECE are very similar. In fact, if I were to take about 18 extra units, I would have taken the required courses to have both degrees. Unfortunately, our school does not allow that :(

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That's a bummer. Here, Comp Eng could take the software or hardware route. Software was about 5 classes different from a CS, and hardware was about 3 classes different from EE. Of my 3 roomates, 2 were EE and 1 was CE, and they now have Masters in the same respective degree's.

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EE is as hard degree. I am a ChemE and one of my hardest classes was my intro to EE. I was so disappointed that I found it difficult that I took a second level EE course as an elective. I don't know what I was thinking but I made it through okay. I give it up to you for the degree.

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Good day all,
My name is Bill and I am from the Puget Sound area here in Washington where Microsoft is a strong influence on us all. I currently have a HP EX485. I am getting ready to add additional drives and upgrade to Version 3.0.
I am an electronic technician and have been dealing with computers since 1980 when I had my first XT and thought that a full 640K of memory was screaming. I was jealous of my friend that had a machine that was running at 10Mhz, mine was only running at 8Mhz. Boy were those that days. Things have sure come a long way since then.
I greatly enjoy the podcast, but I will admit that I don't always listen to them as soon as they come out. I might wait until I have 2 or 3 to listen to then put them on my Zune HD and listen to them on the way back and forth to work.
Enough about me, on to checking out the posts and adding where I can.
Keep up the good work all.

Mr. Bill

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Hi folks,
The name is Phil. From Australia, for most folks on this forum, take a globe, spin it around and look at the bottom bit ;-)
On my second build of a Franken-server, the first was a bare minimum spec, proof of concept. (Recently decommissioned)

Current build:
Gigabyte 8IPE1000,
P4 3.2 (478pin),
2Gb Ram,
80Gb 2.5" boot drive,
4x1.5TB Samsungs and 1 1.0TB Samsung
Total 6.44TB with 4.43TB used.
All boxed in a Antec "Two hundred" case.

Most of the space taken up with home video files dating back to VHS tapes converted to digital tapes and dump to PC than to WHS, the rest is TV related media or music.

Add-ins: 'Disk Management', AutoExit 2.1.2030, My Movies, Advanced Admin Console 0.5.0, P80 2.6.6, AdminiMe 1.0.1153, Home ServerSmart 1.0.1

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Hi, I'm a techie that has been in to PCs since back in the Trash 80 (TRS80) and the dual floppy IBM PCs. I am relatively new to home servers and would love some tutorials on how to best set it up and how to use it get the most out of the home server. I have the EX485 and am still figuring out the best way to use this great tool.

Great site and great podcast!

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Hi, I am new to the forums, but have been listening to the podcasts for the past few months. I started off with a HP LX195 in Nov, but returned it since it didn't work for me. I just finished building a WHS and it is much better. I'll post the specs soon....

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