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Hey, I'm Tim. I built myself a new PC last February and then decided to use my old box as a WHS. So it's a bit of a frankenserver. It's based on a Dell 5150, 630 Dothan, 2x1GB Patriot memory, Intel GBit pci-e addon card, and a bunch of HDDs. I've poked around a little bit and it seems like the number of people with frankenbuilds are low. I'd like to hear what some other people with homebuilt servers are running.

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Howdy :-)   I'm Martin, just got myself on the Gen8 Microserver bandwagon.   Used to work in server/network infrastructure, so familiar with HP/Dell servers, blade/SAN, Cisco networking.   Nice

Hello Being disappointed by bugs on standard NAS products, i decided to build one based on OpenMediaVault linux deb. Found that Gen8 works fine for this purpose, i discovered this extraordin

Hello, I'm Jerry ... currently performing IT work for non-profit as "retirement" job.  They are a small organization using WHS 2011 and I must confess it is a new critter to me.  I realize this O/S ha

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Hi guys, new listener here. Catching up on the back podcasts. My WHS is a frankenbox and has been running flawlessly since I put it together in December. I finally added my first add-in yesterday, MyMovies and I love it.

I was surprised to hear on a past podcast that you guys would rather watch Netflix via PlayOn then through an XBox that you already have a gold membership on. I can only guess that you don't have an HD tv because the XBox Netflix is amazingly clear versus the PlayOn version.

Looking forward to optimizing my server and contributing to the forums. Great show guys, thanks,


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I agree with you Ed/Globalcop. I still haven't checked out playon recently, but the xbox interface is so nice for Netflix.

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I have been reading a few posts for quite some time and figured I'd go ahead and fire my first one off here. My name is Humpty (Ok, no it's not-if you don't know the song, I just dated myself). I bought the 120 day(?) eval version of HomeServer from Microsoft after years of having a win2k3 server running file and print stuff. So for me, I was all over this "new" interface and the ability to just have one place for all data. For those that have lots of data, storage can be a problem when you run out of room on one drive and offsite storage isn't an option, I had multiple drives all in the case and no raid. Yes, I understand RAID as I am a system engineer by trade, but I'm poor-like everyone else. Back to the story. Around the 100 day or so of the eval and buyoff from the family, I purchased WHS and completely redid everything and all was right with the world. That is until the old frankenbox that I had created starting having errors, random reboots and hardware failures. I filled out a request form with the accountant and she said fine and to hurry up. I ended up with an EX485 which I have had since last May and I could not be happier.

After years of being frustrated with buying my own parts and building my own system only to find out that the very same components were 20%-50% cheaper within a few months, I decided to buy off-shelf. With the exception of two PCs, everything else is HP in my house. Even now, while I type this, I'm still shocked that I've stopped building my own. (of course I still tweak and add components in and prefer to custom build)

I am a long time gamer with PCs, xbox, xbox360, monopoly, chess and tiddly-winks. As for work, I strongly lean toward system adminstration (it's my job title-go figure)and we are moving toward 80% virtualization within ESX. So, yes, I'm busy.

Ok, if you're still reading, I'll try and wrap it up. I love catching up on the podcasts as they are both informative and entertaining. Hopefully, I'll start reading more in the forums and actually post this time.


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Hi guys, I am also tech addict. Wayne from PA here. Sick of the snow and can't wait for Spring.
Great show and I appreciate the info.
I bought 2 of the refurb EX485's and have one at my house and one at my dads for PC backups.
I haven't explored the other features yet and was wondering if anyone could point me to some tips to backing up the servers to each other?

Thanks for your excellent work.

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Hi, I am Stan and from the South of England, UK. Everything about WHS has been learned from Homeserver Show & WGS web sites as well, of course, from the excellent, informative and entertaining Homeserver Show Podcast. I managed to get a Tranquil "Squash" WHS past my lovely wife on the basis that her thousands of gigantic digital photographs (RAW) needed a "Safer, High Capacity, Accessible Storage Device" (I didn't use the word "Server" as this would be a definate "No"). Anyway, we - yes - WE really love it. It's now got all of our photos, music, files, and best of all our movies installed on it. I got hold of an Asrock Ion 330 to use as a HTPC. I was dissapointed that i could not get my ripped DVD's to play smoothly using Vista Media Centre, so I am currently using XBMC under Linux (sorry) which has got GPU acceleration and works pretty much flawlessly even at 1080P. Anyway the familly love it. They don't really care about all the WHS backup features etc, but it has bought relieved smiles to faces when laptops and netbooks have rolled over and been restored smoothly and without "panic".

So that's me. I will try to contribute where I can, especially if anyone else is brave enough to admit to the XBMC thing. Thank you very much for the web site, forums, and especially the podcast, I listen on the way home from the office on a Friday evening and it often sets me up for a weekend of "tweaking".


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Hi everyone, I'm Rod from Singapore. I have been using WHS for about 18 months and listening to the podcast since #40. I'm very much not a bot so please don't delete my account. Again. :D

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