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We have had a spam problem in the last few days and I've removed hundreds of bogus accounts. If your legitimate account has disappeared I apologize for the trouble. I have not heard of any issues regarding this but it might be possible due to my cleaning.

If you register a new account please post in this thread and introduce yourself. Tell us anything you want. About your server, media center, anything.

I am beginning to take a hard look at the accounts that have zero posts. If you introduce yourself here it will help me weed out the spammers.

Thank you and I apologize for all the issues. I hope that this policy will not last long.

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Hi Guys,
I lost my password today , I dont know if that is related or not but I just did a password recovery.
I name is Luke Fairbank (obviously) and I am from South Australia.
I work in IT and love all things tech.
I bought a Acer h340 on my last trip to the USA (I am a very frequent visitor). There is a very long story that goes along with me aquiring the home server but I will give you a quick break down.
My first hurdle was getting the staff at all the electronics stores I phoned to understand what I was asking for ,then I had to find someone who had one in stock and then it was a matter of getting there from Anaheim CA. In the end my wife and I ended up in the middle of no where without a cell phone and no way of calling a cab. Needless to say I got it home and it now takes pride of place in my living room.
I have 7gb of HDD space in it now and am quickly filling it up.
I also have 2 xbox 360s as extenders that through various means can pipe media centre to every TV in my house indoors and outdoors.
My next project will be to build up aa atom based HTPC.

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Hey Home Server Show folks. I'm not a brand new member to your site; I've been here for a few months or so. I bought my first WHS (HP MSS EX495) back in October of 2009 and enjoy using it. I'm currently ripping all my DVDs and Blu-ray movies to my WHS, and eventually will put all my music on the server also. You have a great site here, with a lot of great information regarding WHS and Windows media center. The articles about SageTV and TMT3 have be a great addition as well.

/Mike Biel

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Hi Everyone! I started listening to the podcast last week and it inspired me to break out the zune and download a bunch of shows. I made it back to about show #67 or so, but by far the funniest thing I have heard on there was the joke "... I can see my shoes". When I heard that at work I laughed so hard that I had tears coming out my my eyes!!! But anyway I digress...
I have had a home server up for about 2 years now. It started out as a place to put all my music and access it on my Home Theater PC. Then I realized that I could do the same for DVDs, and it backed up my laptop, and remote access, and on and on and on. Needless to say I am hooked now.

Keep up the great work with the site/podcast!


Testing picture posting here...whs15.JPG

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Guest no-control

ummm hi I'm no-control....

That pretty much sums up my tech spending habits.

carry on nothing to see here it's just the money on fire in my pocket...

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