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I've just been testing the server backup on my test server and found to my horror the restore only works if the hard disk is exactly the same size as the original. If I swap out the drive for something larger 320GB -> 500GB it just fails with an error message of 'No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found'.


If I wipe the original and restore to that it works fine. I'm just trying to do a BMR of the OS drive.


Has anyone tested the feature but restored to a larger drive?

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The restore should work if the disk is larger however as you stated the disk should be fresh or without partitions so that the backup can create the partition as part of the restore.

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I've got it working 100% of the time now, but this might only apply if you are recovering using a usb key to a larger drive.


The key was to not connect the external usb drive until the repair install could not find a restore image. You then unplug the usb install key and replace it with the external drive. I know leaving the usb install key connected could cause problems as others had reported, but not connecting the external drive until removing the usb key was the step that allowed me 100% success.

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