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Recently Completed HTPC Build with i5-2500K and GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3


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Very nice rig. Can I ask, however, why you did overbuild this box? Are you going to do a lot of heavy lifting on the HTPC itself? Not criticizing or anything just curious.


While I do plan to do some things with this box that are beyond the norm for a HTPC (for instance: I want to be able to do some HD video conferencing and editing/recording as well as run Oracal VB on top of things and I was planning to do some other testing) the deciding factor was being able to get some parts at some pretty good prices though it means constantly prowling for deals and filling out all kinds of rebate forms.


Of course there is the "fun factor" of going the full fo-shay.


like the case -- I have the same one in my AMD Fusion HTPC. Has some good room but cable routing becomes an issue.


Thanks, I was proud of my cable routing (had to include at least one picture of it :) ) this time but it is still TIGHT.

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I really like that case. I'm repurposing an old mobo to SpinRite multiple drives at once using 08 R2 VM's. That parts all working but I don't have a good case. I think I may very well get me one of these. Thanks for the pics of it.

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Nice Job John!!

Very nice build!

Being a Silverstone fanboy, love your choice of case.

Great detail in the post.


Thanks Tim! So far it has been performing wonderfully -- I've paired it with a C910 and have had some fantastic HD Hangouts with my son, DIL, and my new grandson Luke :)

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You sir win the overkill award for 2012


I have to agree OVERKILL for a server, as the specs almost exactly match my workstation at work!


But, that case is beautiful, congrats on the wonderful build and thanx for sharing. I love Hardware p0rn!

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