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Modified BIOS for Microserver N40L enables hidden features

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Perfect, thank you for the screen shots.


I have two RAID 1 disks configured on my microserver will updating the BIOS cause any problems with the RAID configuration?


Also another question about the RAID configuration on the microserver, is the onboard RAID controller a software based controller or hardware based, and if it's software based is it any better than the mirror ing that I could set up in Windows disk manager?

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Hi Anttech,   I had the same issue and couldn't download it from the german site.   I found a mirror at the following address :   http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n

Well I upped it to my dropbox. Please serve yourselves.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/qff7abgmt7hau6z/O41100113.ZIP Well I upped it to my dropbox. Please serve yourselves.   https://www.dropbox.co

Here are the two original versions that I have now posted in dropbox   http://www.dropbox.com/s/u6r1ogp2gt7ju1c/SP64420.exe?dl=0 http://www.dropbox.com/s/m1sisxxaa0oszoc/SP54344.exe?dl=0

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Not saying that it will, but I would check the consistency of the array after you mod the BIOS. If this were an approved procedure from HP, I would have no worries, but since this is a hack, I'd check the array afterwards.

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Also another question about the RAID configuration on the microserver, is the onboard RAID controller a software based controller or hardware based, and if it's software based is it any better than the mirror ing that I could set up in Windows disk manager?


If it's like every other mobo-based RAID I've seen, it's a hybrid between hardware and software. One disadvantage of it is it's very unlikely it could be moved to another box if the mobo fails; with add-in RAID cards this is usually possible. It's also often possible with Disk Manager based RAID. You can normally just import the array into the new Windows box.

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One of those links should tell you. From memory, I think the N36L is also good to go but look at the documentation in the links.

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Thanks for clarifying the situation; I'm sure it will help a lot of people in these forums. if you still have some of those links you found, I'm sure others would be grateful if you posted them.

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Looks like only 1 drive is visable from the Sans Digital TR4M, so it's as if it's a regular single hard drive connected externally. Bummer. :( Looks like I would have to install a esata port multiplier card in the PCIx slot.


At least the DROBO-S is visable as 1 drive, but that's a premuim device.


I cannot believe I missed this post. I jumped on that Shell Shocker and figured I'd be good to go. Now I'll need an esata port multiplier card. This one is all on me though. Thanks John!

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Hi, Hope someone can help me, seems I've bricked my N40L.

I followed all the instructions regarding the BIOS mod update, but after getting to the C:\ prompt and doing the restart my server is basically dead.

On power up the HP logo turns red for a second and then goes out, the power button is green, fans are all on, but the screen is just black?


Any idea what i could do to recover the factory BIOS or any other BIOS? I even tried doing the CMOS clear procedure by changing the jumpers on the board.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Get a copy of the BIOS form the HP site.




Thanks, but I've tried this.


When using the USB stick, are you supposed to use the on board USB port?

What i don't understand is when I ran the mod, I could see it was doing something because of all the output to the screen. It did not take long until I saw the C:\ prompt, I removing the USB stick and did the restart. What is the actual procedure for powering down when you get to the prompt, hold the power button down till it turns orange or pull the plug?


I've followed the following forum too, but with no luck.



Is there any way to get back to factory defaults?

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      I ghosted the existing windows install (which was on a 250gb mechanical hard drive) over to the SSD, rebooted the computer and everything was working file. When I checked the performance of the SSD using the Samsung Magician software it indicated thatt the SSD wasn't running at full speed due to AHCI being disabled. I then did a bit of research and found that SATA port 5 (normally meant for an optical drive) that the SSD was connected to doesn't run at full speed and in IDE mode. I read that the modified bios that's floating around for Microserver's can fix this.
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      I've tried setting the hard drive mode to both IDE and AHCI in BIOS with no success, I've reverted the BIOS back to default settings, took out the CMOS battery overnight, tried to re-flash back to default HP firmware, re-flashed the modded BIOS with no drives in the server and even run the windows 8 startup repair with no success whatsoever, it just continues to error and boot loop.
      I did leave all 4 of my other SATA hard drives in the machine when flashing the modded bios originally so don't know if this affected it. I wish I'd just left the original BIOS on there now.
      Is there anything I can try to fix this? I'd really prefer not to have to reinstall windows 8 as it took me awhile to set everything up for media (Sonarr, CouchPotato, iTunes, Serviio etc).
      Any help is greatly appreciated.
      Cheers Benny

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