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Modified BIOS for Microserver N40L enables hidden features

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Indeed I saw that, I must have d/l'ed the Tobi mod the other day, however it does read still in the BIOS as:





the actual date stamp of the BIOS rev vs release date (15 NOV 2013) I assume was throwing me off.

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I downloaded and installed the o41100113-acpi-s3+s4_hotplug_fan-control.rar file. I got lot of new menu, but i have two problems:


1: on the main screen i see that the BIOS ID: 041, Bios Version 07/29/2011.

2: on the disn menu i doesn't see my disks. All of disks are non detected, but i see this on the boot menu where i can select the boot disk.


So this  is the latest modified bios? And that is normal that i didn't see any disks in the bios?





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I recently got a HP Microserver N40L and find it to be very noisy to setup in my Living Room so i bought a Noctua PWM Fan without realising that the Server needed a specific FAN Speed to Boot up.

Can the modded BIOS get around this Limitation?

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Has HP now blocked this fix from working on newer N54L stock, because ......... I'm not too damned happy :/

This is my OLD HP Microserver, you can clearly see an option for "OnBoard PCI IDE Controller", this option is MISSING on my new server :/






You can also see, when it does disk detection

All 6 hard drives are visible under AHCI.




On my new Microserver, the PCI IDE option seems to be locked in IDE mode (because the option is ENTIRELY missing)  and it only detects 4 AHCI disks and 2 IDE disks.

I'm 99.976% sure the hacked ROM was installed correctly by me, because the incredibly complex, weirdo options to the far right are there (very extensive north / southbridge menus, which I distinctly recall NOT being there on the stock ROM for the Microserver series)


Am I doing something wrong or was a change recently made?

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EDIT: Found the fix, it's ok - gotta change some settings in southbridge before AHCI works properly for all 6

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Hi All,


I am currently running BIOS version o41072911, what is the latest modified version available?

Could someone also let me know if there is any benefit to updating the BIOS?

I am running additional hard drives in the optical bay and I don't fancy playing with all the BIOS settings all over again if there is no real reason to update the BIOS.


Thank you

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have you managed to remove the 8gb ram limit on this version?

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I've got an N40L at home with 16Gb in it...

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Its a N54L for some reason the bios says 8gb but windows is picking up the 16gb :S

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This links are not only not kept up to date but they are currently down.

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      I did leave all 4 of my other SATA hard drives in the machine when flashing the modded bios originally so don't know if this affected it. I wish I'd just left the original BIOS on there now.
      Is there anything I can try to fix this? I'd really prefer not to have to reinstall windows 8 as it took me awhile to set everything up for media (Sonarr, CouchPotato, iTunes, Serviio etc).
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