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Modified BIOS for Microserver N40L enables hidden features

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I just want to thank everyone for information on the BIOS update. I thought I had screw up when my nic was not working. Until I found this post and read threw all the post on here. I then found out I had to download a different rom file and BAMMM my network card started working once again. It had taken me almost 3 days trying to find some good information on this. 


Thank god there was google and this forum for pointing me in the right direction. 


Now I need to find out about memory upgrade and installing drives on my machine... lol... 


Just started playing with this mini server since I had it for about 1 yr... 


Thank you guys once again.

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Welcome to the forums Louie. I think you'll find this is a great, friendly community.

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Hello everybody.

At first, i'm sorry for my verry poor English, but i'm French !


Well, i have a N40L since two years. It run very nice, but i want to install W8 on it.

But i discovered that not run with the originally bios...


But now, the new bios from HP that seems to correct this problem is only available with a warranty (mine have 2Y !).


Is anybody coold help me by giving me a provisory link to download the necessary ?


I'ill be verry prood to you.



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We have discussed this many times. The N40L was only made for 8GB of RAM. Some have been successful getting 16GB to be recognized but others have had mixed results (like you). There is nothing to set to force it.


...does this bios version enable the hot-swappable hdd bays?

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While you can enable it in BIOS the hardware does not support hot-swappable

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The thread that just keeps on giving!

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While you can enable it in BIOS the hardware does not support hot-swappable


Hence why it was hidden. I almost wish the modders had left this feature hidden.

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If you want to use the Port Multiplier drivers you will need to enable it in the BIOS even if the HW doesn't actually support it.  That's why you wouldn't want it hidden.

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Hi everyone, I'm brand new here. 


I just received my new N54L today and attempted to do the mod bios flash. 


The sequence was as described:

1) Booted up vanilla server with VGA LCD, usb keyboard/mouse --> Hit F10 and went into bios. Ver was O41. 

2) D/led and installed the flash tool. Extracted the modded bios with the lower case o41...., replaced the original on the usb. 

3) USB into server, booted up nicely and POST. See a bunch of random symbols going across screen, within a minute, I see c:\>. 

4) Removed USB


At this point, I shut down the server and started it back now. Now the trouble....

Server powers on with GREEN power button. No HP logo light. no video, no POST beep or anything. Fan still spinning at full speed. 

Powered off -> power on again same ordeal. 

Powered off and unplugged from power outlet -> change cmos jumpers to reset -> powered on, waited a few minutes -> powered off -> cmos jumpers back to normal

Now when plugging in the power cable, server powers on right away without me pressing power button. now HP LOGO flash blue once and turns a solid RED.


At this point, I redid my USB flash drive with original HP bios. Plugged it into server, powered on. still no video, no POST, waited 10 minutes with factory bios USB. 
Powered off and rebooted, still same no video, no POST, nothing's happening except fan spinning, HP logo red, power button green.


I even tried reseating ALL the plugs, and even switched the original RAM slots. Still stuck...


Please help?

(did not add any new PCIe, HDD, or any ram. The only thing that were ever plugged in were USB flash drive, USB keyboard/mouse, and VGA to LCD.


I'm very worried I have some major hardware fault and can't salvage this server.

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If you want to use the Port Multiplier drivers you will need to enable it in the BIOS even if the HW doesn't actually support it.  That's why you wouldn't want it hidden.


I'm a little confused. Are you saying the Port Multiplier feature is only available to be enabled if you first enable Hot Swapping?

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