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Server Backup Question


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I just rebuilt my WHS 2011 machine. It is running on the following:


  • Silverstone ML03B Case
  • Cosair CX430 PSU
  • ASRock H67M Motherboard
  • Intel G620T CPU
  • 4GB of Crucial RAM
  • Mushkin ENhanced Callisto Deluxe SSD for OS
  • Seagate ST2000DL003 2TB Drive for Storage
  • Seagate ST2000DL003 2TB Drive for Backups

I have been happy with the build so far. However, I have a server backup question. You have the option of selecting System Backup, Operating System, then obviously your storage drive.


My OS only takes up about 55 GB of space, and I am only using about 1.4 TB of the storage drive, but when I attempt a full backup it fails saying not enough space.


Does the System backup take a 55GB image, and then the OS Files takes another 55GB? And does the full backup of the storage drive allot 2TB even when not full? This does not seem right because when I just choose OS Files and Storage drive it is successful.


Basically I need to know the difference between System Backup, and Operating System. I would assume it is an image of the C drive, but it could be an image of the whole server, not sure. If so, how much space would I need to get in an external drive (no more room in my case for internal) to complete a full system backup?

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If you have not run a successful backup yet on that drive, I would remove it from the server, format it, and re-attach as a backup drive. When I say remove and reattach, I mean thru the console.

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I have run a successful backup.


If I select the following it fails

  • System Backup
  • Operating System (55GB Used)
  • Storage Drive (1.4TB Used)

If I select the following it is successful

  • Operating System
  • Storage Drive


What does the System Backup add to the backup? Just an image of C? Or an image of the entire server?

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Where/what is system backup? Did you create a VHD image?


I will presume there are three physical drives? Call them CDE with the CD drive being F. Your backup regiment should only include C & D which are only using approx 1.5 TB.

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System Backup is an option in the console. When it is selected, it fails due to free space...See attached images.




If I select all 3 options

  1. System Backup (recommended)
  2. Operating System
  3. Data

It fails.


If I select just Operating System and Data. It is successful.


The backup drive is 2TB. The Data drive is 2TB (1.4TB in use). and the C drive (Operating System) has 55GB in use.

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If I read the diagram right, System Backup IS the OS and Data so you are doing, or trying, to do a double backup. Where you have checked those boxes allows you to selectively go in a choose items within C & D.

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