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A Tortured Path: Going To An SSD System Drive


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This has been a learning experience or at least that is how I justify wasting nearly two days spent switching from RAID 1 spinning hard drives to a single SSD for my Windows Home Server 2011 system drive.


I initially tried to use Paragon’s Migrate OS to SSD tool which I have successfully used on several Windows 7 systems. Forget it, it will not work with Windows Home Server 2011. There is a disk signature or other security code on the hard drive used by WHS 2011 that Paragon ignores. The symptoms are that the Active Directory Certificate Service fails to start and the Connector stops working.


Next I decided to try the system restore from the WHS 2011 Server backup. While I have had great things to say about client backup and restore on WHS 2011, I could not get the server system restore to work. When it did find my backup drive it would failed almost immediately after starting the restore. The message I received was "The system image restore failed. Error: Error details: The parameter is incorrect.(0x80070057)". If you are counting on WHS 2011 backup for your system restore, I would do a dry run when things are working to verify its functionality because for me it does not work and I will never rely on it.


I finally bought Acronis True Image which the good PC Doc recommended and not surprisingly it worked like a charm; my spinning system drives are history. I expect I will make a lot more use of this excellent application.


Thank you PC Doc and by the way Acronis True Image is now on sale with Plus Pack at their web site.

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Glad it worked out for you as it did for me. Although have had a decent experience with Paragon in testing, I will stick with Acronis and you mentioned, it works perfectly with WHS 2011, not only for cloning but for backup as well. Good luck and enjoy your new SSD.


I did see the post on the Acronis Sale as well. Thanks.

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