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Failure to install connection software on 2 Vista PCs


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Apologies for posting elsewhere but being totally new I have no idea where help is most likely.

Also sorry for glaring errors, as both dyslexic and a fairly novice user of computers.

I had a server for christmass all went well with it and installing WHS 2011 on it and the connection software on my W7 Dell laptop. However since then it’s gone downhill with trying to get the Connection software on a Vista desk top and lap top computers. What I have found and felt capable of trying is below but these are not in the order done!

The installation is cancelled. The Windows Home Server 2011 has encountered an unexpected error log says error code 1603.

Rebooted router.

All computers have WORKGROUP as workgroup name.

Used MS Find My Server Wizard

chkdsk and sfc /scannow both said said no problems. Disabled Norton and timeline no change.

Pinging both server and ip address is OK.

IpV6 was disabled failed.

Both Vista’s access the server in network ability to open the shared folders, document’s etc. and via networking on the server you can go into all shared folders on all the computers.

With both there are accounts created on the server.

Net was uninstalled and Connection Installer allowed reinstalling.

Tried safe mode but installed failed as soon started!

In Windows Media services extender was disabled, changed to manual, no good, Receiver and Scheduler were already manual (reapplied the manual again), changed Network Sharing to Automatic the only difference between the working W7 and Vista laptop!

I have disabled firewalls in server and PC no good

I changed router no good

I have no idea what else to try now so help would be gratefully received.

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Which version of Vista and do you have ? Make sure all updates are applied, in particular .Net and you can also download the software to the client and run it from there rather than from the server directly.


Can you ping both ways and resolve by hostname? You might also try setting a static IP on the Vista box, reboot, and try again.

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Hi many thanks for reply. Yes I have found I can ping from the server to all the computers. After an enjoyable time I got a fixed address setup and no good I fear

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Is the .Net software up to date? Did you try downloading the software to the client and installing from the client side?


I believe this is a current list of supported Vista OS's.

The Windows Vista Operating System

  • Windows Vista Home Basic with Service Pack 2 (SP2) (x86 x64)
  • Windows Vista Home Premium with SP2 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Vista Business with SP2 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Vista Ultimate with SP2 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Vista Enterprise with SP2 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Vista Starter with SP2 (x86)


A couple of other things to try...make sure the time zones match and apply a static IP to the server.

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Sorry the big gape between your post and reply box lead me to forget software. Both are Vista Home Premium with SP2 32bit fully updated. Will try ether idea with server , it’s a steep learning curve for me so sorry its taking so long to do things!

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I have tried as well as getting a fixed IP address (adds to the learning curve as not used to the router) totally disabling Windows Media and related services (saw someone found that worked rather than the MS idea they need to work, no good. Any way no change with a fixed IP address either.

Were these ever connected to a WHS? If so, there may be some Reg Entries to delete.
sorry you pasted this beteen my looking and replying to the earlier one. No they have never been conexted to WHS what I have was a totally new thing and software


Time zones and time OK got them to reset time.

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Are you trying to install the connector using the DVD that comes with the server or are you using a browser on the client to go to http://<servername or IP>/connect ? Very often browsing will work when the DVD wont. Also, if you haven't, you should try jmwills suggestion. I don't think you've said whether you tried it or not.

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I didn't know there was software on the DVD and was fasllowing the instructions to conext to the server and install the software from there. Though I have saved it now so dont have to conext to get it running.

I don't know what jmwills suggestion is will have a look for it whan able as my wife has steem comming out in frustratioin at the amount of time I am spending on this


I have not found the jmwills suggestion any further ideas?

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Turn off IPV6 on the Vista machines and see if that helps. It's not needed so you can leave it turned off. On the client, right click the adapter and go to properties and uncheck IPV6.

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