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Hi HSS/F (HomeServerShow/Forums) users:)

I have a problem :( I have 2 pc's a laptop and a desktop which need to be in sync. My laptop I use in school and my desktop sits at home. But I have a WHS frakenbuild sitting in a closet, so I was thinking how I could accomplish the sync.
I have the following folders I wish/need to have in sync:
Thunderbird - email
music (currently keeping a copy on the server and one on my laptop)
firefox tabs(have not tried to set this up jet)
Itunes (podcast downloader(itunes u and HSS + others), nothing else)

I am moving from 1 laptop too the laptop + desktop, so all my data is on my laptop.
And because of the network policy on my school I have only manage to get access to the server through the WHS website, hamachi does not work, and vpn with some other more configurable app, I have not tried due to time constraints(homework and gaming), I have not tried to use an ftp server to access my WHS from my school, but have a filezilla ftp server setup with SSL/TLS encryption, mapped to other than default ports.

What I have tried to do so far is to create a network drive that resides on the WHS which I have then said "make available offline", and move my documents folder to the network drive (by right clicking on my documents and select move under locations tab).
But this screws up my email and itunes configuration. So I'm back to restoring my laptop from the server, to my previous configuration.

Any thoughts as how to set everything up?

By the way, Love the podcast.

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That is a tough one. Let me give my opinions of your 5 points:
For e-mail, there isn't a good way, other than to use an IMAP e-mail account (or exchange) and never store stuff locally. That way the data will be "synchronized" because it is never stored on the local machine.
For documents & music (including itunes), are you running windows 7? You can use homegroup to solve all of this. Just always have the files on your laptop and access them from your desktop when needed.
For Firefox, try xmarks. Will that do what you want?

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One possible solution for the data depending on how much data you are talking is to use Dropbox. It is one of the easiest and slickest programs I have seen a while and it lets use WHS as a store folder although it is not necessary since it is realtime sync to all your PC's and the cloud. The only catch is unless you want to pay, you will have to keep the data you want to share down to 2 gig or less and then it is free. Not sure I would use it for iTunes but I think if you think out your stratagy you solve allot of problems with Dropbox.

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Thank you for your reply,

IMAP for email, I can do (use gmail moving from yahoo mail) so will try that(I don't really know about IMAP, but I can read on wiki or google).
I'm runing win 7 on both pc's, but I only really use my laptop at school, and only turn it on when I get home for backup to WHS, so what you(usacomp2k3) are suggesting(think you are thinking of something like accessing a network folder) will not be ideal.

I have not tried xmarks, but from what I see it only synchronizes bookmarks, I want to sync everything (settings, open tabs, bookmarks), what I have used earlier when I was running vista+win7 on my laptop was allway sync, where it just sync the config folder under users\appdata\mozilla\firefox.

My itunes library is 60 GB and I have an additional 13 GB documents excluding my music, so dropbox or other only backup solution will not really be good, I can however not remember what crashplan's app could do, if it was something like what I am trying to accomplish(just remember you/they talked about it on HSS as a remote sync app for sync between to WHS).

So other suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks again for you replies.

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I have used SugarSync for large volume syncing and backup. With the "founders" discount it was reasonable, had a ton of features, but it just didn't work as well as it should. I know use Dropbox and it is pretty much flawless. I am backing up documents across 3 PC's and the WHS and it works great. I have the 50 GB package and I pay $10 per month I believe, with the option for $100 per year. CrashPlan will backup, but not sync as you want. I have tried a lot of options, but Dropbox is loved across the tech columns I read, and sometimes, you just got to pay the money to get a good solution?

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Yes sometimes good solutions just aren't free, but I have an extremely limited budget, so I guess I will just have to try a few different options.

Thinking of just using network drives with offline availability, or allway sync since I have a license for that program. Or maybe wuala for documents, and allway sync for itunes to my music folder on WHS.

The only problem I see with network drives, that are located on my WHS is that I no longer have 3x backup(once on each pc + WHS) so I don't have a human error(accidental deletion) plan with the network drive.

Thanks again for your reply.

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I use goodsync which works a treat just load it onto both your laptop and desktop and sync with a shared folder on the whs, any changes you make on either client machine will be synced the next time you boot up

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