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Transfer files from Mac / Apple / Macintosh


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I searched the subject but did not find anything about transfering files from a Mac to WHS. I would like to find out others experience with WHS and Mac's.


Initially I tried copy and paste but that only brings up a Copy notice: "The operation can't be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code - 8058)"


Then I tried drag and drop and that seemed to work but I would also this time still see the Copy notice. Yet the files seem to transfer from my Mac's external drive to WHS even though I got the notice. After a while of transferring files the notice stopped appearing. I had to restart the Mac and the notice is back again for now.


Any ideas? Or thoughts on where I might seek insight into this subject?

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Drag and drop is awful at beat for multiple files. Map network drives and use some sort of automated file transfer,

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