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Offline files, Roaming profiles, Folder redirection, Group Policy


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I'm wondering whats the best way to implement User data and User Settings managenent. This is basically folder redirection with offline files and roaming profiles.


We have 5 pc's with 5 users at home all connected to WHS 2011.

The files are getting a bit of a mess now with files scattered accross multiple machines in my documents.

I'd like to keep the settings, desktop, background common on every machine.


I want to move all the my documents onto the server so its in a central place.


In the office, the IT guys have roaming profiles, group policy, folder redirection and offline folder replication up and running which works really well, but the machines are on a domain and group policy is used to simplify the management.


Is this some who possible with WHS 2011?


If its not possible, I have a basic idea of how folder redirection and off line files would be setup on a pc by pc, by user by user basis. This will keep the my documents data centralised... but how do you keep user settings synchronised.



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I've never been a fan of roaming profiles as they can get to be a bandwidth hog. Those and Group Policy will require a domain to be setup to run efficiently. Folder redirection is a snap no matter which way you home, but it better in a domain.

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All of this is very doable with SBS Essentials. Most of the heavy lifting would be done for you. Special group policies would be custom to each setup...but again, very doable.

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It's a shame that whs 2011 doesn't have the domain functionality. It's got all the base components but not the 'license'.


You have confirmed my suspicion that I'll have to do it the manually way.



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