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Problem moving default Client Backup Folder from D: to G:


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Just installed WHS 2011. And I have only one Alert saying "Backup is not configured for the server".


My HP MicroServer has only two drives currently, a 250gb drive(C:/D:) that has the OS, and a 1.5tb drive(E:) where I'd like to have my Backups saved.


When I installed the OS on the 250gb drive, by default it setup the Client Computer Backups folder on the D: drive. So I tried moving the Client Computer Backups folder to the E: drive which is the 1.5tb drive.


But when I go to "Set up Backup for the server" it say; "The wizard cannot find any disks that are suitable for a backup destination. Attach a backup disk to the server. And then click Refresh list." Refresh list does nothing of course.


But it will find the destination if that folder in on the D: drive.

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I think you're getting confused by the fact that WHS 2011 has two types of backups:

- backups of client PCs, which are held in the Client Computer Backups folder, and

- backups of the server itself, which are held on dedicated drives (i.e. they cannot be held on drives that hold Shared Folders)


So if you've moved the Client Computer Backups folder over to the E: drive, you're using it as a storage drive for Shared Folders, and therefore it cannot be used as a dedicated drive for Server Backups.


If you want to use the E: drive for Shared Folders AND have Server Backups configured, then you are going to have to add another drive, either internally, or using an external USB drive...


Alternatively, I'm pretty sure you could use the Disk Management utility in the Server Manager to split the 1.5TB drive into two partitions (E: and F:) and then use one for Shared Folders and the other for Server Backups. My personal preference, though, would be to have a separate physical drive dedicated to server backups.

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You can use a drive that is passed thru from a host in virtualization but WHS backup for the server wants a drive for itself. A third party solution could use the same drive for clients and the server. Crazy......

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