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OS Reinstall - How does this affect existing data drives


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Have taken the plunge (triggered by a v1 OS drive failure) and updated my HP ex485 to WHS 2011 using the very usefull guides on unattended install. This all went well and have now got my drives with data all operational, but now I'd like to do a clean install again.


Somewhere along the lines some stuff stopped working

  • web access no longer works
  • the dashboard only works in safe mode when disabling the KeepVault add-in
  • cannot install the connector on pc

These were working at one stage. Other software modifications include doing all the updates and adding My Movies (pretty sure this downloaded and installed SQL Express R2 as part of the install), getting the case lights working and installing iTunes. Hardware changes involved starting up the server a variety of times with different hard drives installed at different times so as to get data off of them.


Now that the data side of things is all settled now and I'd like to get the things that don't work, working again. Thinking I'd just do a clean OS install, now that I've had a play with WHS 2011 I can be a little more structured about the install process, that and the fact data is all on the drives now instead of on WHS v1 drive pool drives.


So...if I want to keep my data drives as is, can I eject them, do a clean install, get that all sorted, them put the drives back into the ex485 and do "something" to change the shares for videos, music etc so that it uses the data on the current drives rather that default which the install would have created?

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Yep, Just pull the data drives out, and do your install. When you are done just plug them back in. From the dashboard, you can point to the data drive after you plug them back in.

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