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Should I setup my WHS 2011 with a Static IP


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re: signal boost: there is a cost to it; it shortens the life of the transceiver. Like jmwills said, you can double it without too much worry but it can significantly shorten the life of the radio at full strength.


Just curious why you guys are talking about signal boost. How does that affect WHS? Your talking Wireless, right? I've got the wireless turned off on my E2000, most of my computers are hardwired, I have a bridged AirPort Extreme putting out G for my sons Mac Mini.

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Hope your installation goes OK, I am a newby with WHS 2011 and currently doing an installation, got a lot of help regarding Portforward and configuring WHS for remote access, also setting up a reserved IP address in the router or Server, problem I got at the moment is portforwarding not playing games so I have a utility from Portforward.com to do it via this utility app if doesnt work its ring Netgear, as I am using a Netgear DGN2200.

Have fun

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