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HP MSS Server Software Install on Generic WHS VM


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Very interesting. I may have to look into that in the future.

What is the "settings for itunes" I saw in one of the images?

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OK, little update.

I was able to install the HP MSS 2.5 software update on the test VM and it seems to work fine so far but further testing is needed. It seems stable. Naturally I wouldn

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Thanks for posting Octavean, nice to see that even though HP doesn't release it to the masses that it's possible to run on our own frankenbuilds. I think you and everyone else are looking for 3.0!

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I like this idea.
I think it would have been nice to have the v3 update as a downloadable update, even at a small price. But you should also consider that because it is a full server restore, it also includes PP1 & PP2 with most of the Windows Updates since then, including a few connector software updates. So that in itself does save a lot of time if you have to do a server restore. Maybe HP should have offered both solutions, as an update and a DVD full install.

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